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Started in 2004 the Kellicutt Show is meant to find and show great photography of all types

2014 Show participants have been selected and online now


Show History


The Kellicutt Show is a volunteer run show meant to bring great photography from around the world to the Bay Area. Another key goal is to highlight many forms of photography. While a challenge for the jurors of the show we do not divide up images based on the approach to photography, but rather bring in the best images along a theme each year. To accomplish this we find jurors who have strong experience with photography and much to share. Please enjoy the show.

In 2004, Michael H. Kellicutt held the first Coastal Arts League juried photo show, naming it "Through a Lens". Widely known by photographers on the San Mateo County Coast, Michael was a photographer and a photo educator, who encouraged others to view their photography not just as pictures, but also as art. The juried show was another way for Michael to vitalize fine art photography in the local community, and it was his hope to bring this to a global scale.

The show is entirely staffed by volunteers. While much of the proceeds from the entry fees go into the prizes and expense of running the show, funds remaining go towards the cost of maintaining the museum space year round.

In 2006, Michael unexpectedly left us, and Michael's wife Shirley asked Jeff Klagenberg to step in and pick up running the show. In 2007, Jeff's wife, Kirsten began helping to run the show. Together, they have been chasing Michael's dream of having a prestigious, international photo show that celebrates the art of photography. And with the help of many volunteers, that vision becomes more of a reality every year.

The show has been renamed in Michael's honor.


Volunteers and Supporters

The success of the show is a credit to the amazing help from all the volunteers and supporters each year. Here is a list of the people and groups dedicated to bringing you the show


  • Jeff Klagenberg - Show Co-Director
  • Kirsten Klagenberg - Show Co-Director
  • Shirley Kellicutt - Reception Coordinator & Show Co-Founder
  • Brian Quigley - Show Marketing Specialist, Reception Volunteer
  • Karin Strametz - Show Promotion, , Reception Volunteer
  • Barb Parker - Show Promotion
  • Ellen Lee - Show Promotion
  • Adam Wells - Show Promotion
  • Jessica Levant - Show Promotion
  • Maggie Graham - Treasurer
  • Pat Keefe - Reception Promotion


A Special Thank you to Reception Donations from

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2014 Kellicutt Trophy

2014 Kellicut Trophy

Show History

Show theme Year Juror(s)
Urban Landscapes 2004 Richard Newman
The Human Element 2005 Michael Collopy
Textures of Our Lives 2006 Michael Collopy
Life in Motion 2007 Michael Collopy
Patterns of People or Patterns in Nature 2008 Michael Collopy
Contrasting Elements 2009 Charles Cramer, Michael Collopy & Janet Jones
Energy, Strength or Power 2010 Janet Jones, Stephen Chalmers, Stephen Johnson & Barry Haynes
Inspiration or Desperation 2011 Scott Atkinson, Deanne Fitzmaurice, Robert Nishihira & Erika Gentry
Vibrant! 2012 Scott Atkinson, Michael Collopy, KateJordahl
Ten 2013 Kim Komenich, Tom Till, Crista Dix
Through A Lens 2014 2014 Scott Atkinson, Brian Cassey, Oliver Klink