• About the juror

    Oliver Klink is a wildlife and fine art professional photographer and founder of the company IncredibleTravelPhotos. In 2009 he received the Mike Ivanitsky Award for photographic excellence for his work on grizzly bears: Artan's Day – A Little Bear in a Big World.

    Oliver is educated as a physicist in his home country, Switzerland. He then studied photography in the United States, which enabled him to correlate the complexity of our existence with his love for light. He has travelled to over 80 countries and seven continents to capture the intricacy and interconnectedness of our ecosystems. His current project – Vanishing Traditions – scheduled for publication in 2015, tackles our cultural changes, the environments we inhabit, and the insights into our world and ourselves.

    Oliver's work has received many awards, been exhibited in galleries and museums, and published with National Geographic, Days of Japan, Black &White magazine, Popular Photography magazine, among others. In 2013, his image "The Great Migration" was selected as the Grand Prize winner at the 30th anniversary Spring Show Exhibit at the PhotoCentral Gallery in Hayward, CA. Other awards have included nomination at the prestigious Color Spider Award (2011, 2012, 2013), PX3 contest in Paris (2012), Black & White Single image 2013 and the North America Nature Photographer Association top 100 wildlife images (2008, 2009).

    Oliver leads workshops around the world to inspire participants to develop a personal vision with their photography. Since 2005, his help and expertise have served many students to take photographs that are more than just mere images, but rather photographs that haunt people and tell stories. Oliver's teaching style is about building confidence to launch creativity.

    Oliver currently resides in Los Gatos, California with his wife.