Home Alone by Goran Jovic
© 2014 Goran Jovic
      Juror's Comment

      From Brian Cassey:

      "Goran has established a fleeting relationship with a beautiful subject and has captured the wonder and fragility of that moment. One wonders what Cecilia’s thoughts were at that instant. The image revolves around the eye - the gateway to the soul - and this draws you into the beautifully composed picture. The crispness of the print enhances the experience."

      From Oliver Klink:

      "Statements have been made that every image has already been taken. Home Alone is more than an image it is a defining moment. The strong symbols made me wonder about the intricacy of the living condition of Cecilia. The play between light and dark adds to the mood and keeps you 'in' to notice subtleties."

      From Scott Atkinson:

      "You can stand and savor this image for its many fine parts: the deep, rich shadows and glowing highlights; the balanced planes and spaces; the gnarled door and rim-lit keys; the skin textures; or that eye anchoring it all. Or brood on the strands of mystery: Who’s the girl? What’s she thinking? Why the keys? Those are separate things to ponder, but the thing I most admire is how all those many strands were instantly woven into one by the photographer watching, watching, seeing quickly—and then pressing the shutter. It’s a moment in time, but now it’s timeless. To me that’s classic photography at its best."

    • Title: Home Alone
    • Artist: Goran Jovic
    • From: Imotski, Splitsko-Dalmatinska Croatia

    • e-mail: go@goran-jovic.com

    Artist Statement

    "In November 2011, I ran away from the hurry of Western civilization and I landed on hot African ground where life had a peaceful pace.

    "I enjoyed the simplicity of life of Nainokanoka Village. I stayed in a simple shack without electricity and water but still it was not as simple as the Massai bomas (traditional houses).

    "In the middle of the yard I met a little girl called Cecilia. She was the most curious little being I have ever met. She followed me because I was the white man with who showed up in her village.

    "I decided to make a portrait. I was ready to take a shot, but she became shy and hid behind the door. This was a perfect moment for a portrait.

    "I waited, and Cecilia suddenly peeped behind the door. She stared at me and the shadow of the door fell on her face. A moment to capture a girl whose shyness and curiosity which shone from her eyes."

    Canon 5D Mark ll
    Canon 50 mm
    f/1.4, 1/320, ISO 1000