Quasar by Lucy VanSwearingen
© 2014 Lucy VanSwearingen

  • Artist Statement

    "Irises are one of my favorite flowers. Their colors and intricate shapes are different on every bloom. Quasar was crafted in my 'digital darkroom'. Its name was born of my interpretation of one theory explaining this astronomical wonder’s origins. As a black hole crushes matter that spins toward its center, enormous amounts of energy must, then, be ejected in the form of quasars. This piece echoes this phenomenon beautifully… as the stem of the iris pulls in all matter, which is, then, forcefully ejected in a burst of blinding light and color.

    "Through the magic of digital film, I am able to bring my vision to life in ways I never imagined. This piece was created in my digital playground, which never ceases to amaze me.

    "As one, who has whispered many secrets into the ears of my horses.....I have learned to view the world with all my senses, full of wonder and delight."