J.R. Roselio by Larry Louie
© 2014 Larry Louie
      Juror's Comment

      From Brian Cassey:

      "An almost surreal and complex image with many elements across the frame, Larry’s photograph effectively portrays both death and rebirth … and is also a fine piece of photojournalism."

    • Title: J.R. Roselio
    • Artist: Larry Louie
    • From: Edmonton, Alberta Canada

    • e-mail: larryylouie@shaw.ca
    • Website: www.larrylouie.com

    Artist Statement

    Place: Navotas Cemetery, Metro Manila, Phillippines

    "My name is JR Roselio and I am 3 years old. I live with my mother in a tent between two rows of 5 story coffins. I have many friends living all around us. Some of them are lucky to live on top of the coffins so they do not get wet when the rain comes. We play all day in the graveyards. The stacked coffins are our jungle gym; the jeepies are our monkey bars. When visitors come to the graveyard, I love climbing onto the roof of the jeepies to sing a song for them. Sometimes they will clap their hands and if I am lucky, they will give me a treat."