Spring by Jeff Amberg
© 2014 Jeff Amberg

    • Title: Spring
    • Artist: Jeff Amberg
    • From: Columbia, SC USA

    • e-mail: jeff@OrganicAbstracts.com
    • Phone: + 1 (803) 254 5003
    • Website: OrganicAbstracts.com
    • Address: 1017 Ferguson Street
      Columbia, SC 29201, USA

    Artist Statement

    "Spring is from the body of work Organic Abstracts, which are best characterized as expressions of lens and light. My vision is to show a nonlinear representation of everyday scenes, creating imagery that allows the imagination to be released into a different dimension.

    "By selecting subjects based on color and contrast, and then using a combination of slow shutter speeds and fast random movements of the camera, the resulting images are often surprising and exhilarating."