Alone by Robert S Carter
© 2014 Robert S Carter

    • Title: Alone
    • Artist: Robert S Carter
    • From: Half Moon Bay, CA USA

    • Address: 403 Casa Del Mar Dr.
      Half Moon Bay, CA 94019, USA

    Artist Statement

    "In the early 1970s I was working with a very talented model who had an excellent sense of what would photograph well. It was often humorous, classical, and/or poetic. She could create a mood with a gesture. All I had to do was to compose the photo and wait for the right instant. We chose a desolate cabin in the forest in La Honda, California for that day's shooting. The building was dusty and nearly empty. Previous dwellers had abandoned the building. There was a feeling of time passing and emotional emptiness that pervaded the near ruin of the room. VP, my model, picked up on this and like an actress provided me with this scene. The credit is really hers.

    "News photographers using the old handheld, film-loaded cameras had a saying in those days about making good photographs: 'f8 and be there.' Be there and ready when the moment happens. Happily I was there when she provided this touching moment."