Cows Coming Home by Elaine Heron
© 2014 Elaine Heron

    • Title: Cows Coming Home
    • Artist: Elaine Heron
    • From: Portola Valley, CA USA

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    • Phone: + 1 (650) 302-0642

    Artist Statement

    "I was photographing sunset from the top of a temple in Bagan, Myanmar (Burma) when local people came through herding their cattle and stirring up dust in the dry field. Many temples and pagodas are visible, but these represent only a small fraction of the 2,000 such structures that have survived in the area for about 1,000 years. Between 1044 AD and 1287 AD, about 10,000 religious structures were constructed in this area, but 80% have been destroyed due to neglect and frequent earthquakes."