Among the Aspen Trees #1 by Mary Aiu
© 2014 Mary Aiu
      Juror's Comment

      From Oliver Klink:

      "The image transports you to the world of the horses. It makes you feel that you are there with them, running free and embracing a world with no boundaries. The color palette enhances this harmonious world."

    • Title: Among the Aspen Trees #1
    • Artist: Mary Aiu
    • From: Fairfield, CA USA

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    Artist Statement

    "I view the horse in motion as if watching a dance, with each horse having their own unique flair. This image is part of my ongoing collection, Among the Trees, where by the essence of the collection is to capture the flair of the horse in motion, then to remove the horse from their original confinement, and then replace them in an open environment to run freely."