Portrait 99S by Don Wolfe
© 2014 Don Wolfe
      Juror's Comment

      From Scott Atkinson:

      "Do animals have souls or some sort of personal, interior spark? You be the judge! The key to this 'formal' portrait lies in its classic frontal view, quiet lighting, and rich print values. The technique implies respect for the dignity of its subject—and this, of course, is a cow. Take a look! You’ll need to really lean in to view this print…then watch for those eyes to emerge from the dark and view you back."

    • Title: Portrait 99S
    • Artist: Don Wolfe
    • From: Matfield Green, KS USA

    • e-mail: dwolfe1@wheatstate.com
    • Phone: + 1 (620) 753-3461
    • Website: dwolfephotography.com

    Artist Statement

    "Last fall I took a small group of photographers on an expedition into the Kansas Flint Hills. As we were disembarking from our vehicles a small herd of cattle, curious to see what we were doing, began to gather on the hill above us. Someone in the group commented on the gathering herd and I responded by saying “Yeah, those are all McDonalds hamburgers up there”. This, to my surprise, caused everyone in the group to pause, turn, and look at the gathering herd. At that moment I realized that probably no one in the group had previously made the connection between the gathering cattle and the steaks, hamburger, etc, at their local supermarket meat counter. The more I thought about how we lack that connection between the foods we eat and the source of that food, the more determined I became to create a series of photographs where the viewer could look directly into the eyes of each animal. The result is a series of portraits that attempts to capture the individual personalities of these animals. It has also been said that portraiture is a window to the soul."