Entree by Tanya Walter - Visionart Photography
© 2014 Tanya Walter - Visionart Photography

    • Title: Entree
    • Artist: Tanya Walter - Visionart Photography
    • From: Colorado Springs, CO USA

    • e-mail: visionartphoto@hotmail.com

    Artist Statement

    "I was inspired and captivated by the dreamy & surreal feeling that is evoked from underwater photography, so the summer of 2013 was my first attempt. We are only limited by our imagination.

    "Underwater photography offers many exciting and rare photographic opportunities. The creative possibilities are endless with out having to deal with gravity, utilizing weightlessness to tell a story.

    "I try to craft more than just a photograph. I want to capture essence, emotion & heart."

    Entree is one image from an underwater ballerina series. Camera - Rebel XTi Lens - 18-55mm all encased in an ewa marine housing.