Chorus Line by David L. Robertson
© 2014 David L. Robertson

    • Title: Chorus Line
    • Artist: David L. Robertson
    • From: Davis, CA USA

    • e-mail:
    • Phone: + 1 (530) 756-1408
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    • Address: 849 Malaga Avenue
      Davis, CA 95616, USA

    Artist Statement

    "A chance occurrence of heavy fog had me scrambling for my camera and running to the farmland around my home. I came across this stand of trees set off against the bank of leafless trees. The trees seemed to be stretching, as in anticipation of dancing in a chorus line, hence the title. I have been back since and the magic was gone."

    Leica M9 with 50mm f/2 lens, 1/250 second at f/16