Incandescence by Chester Ng
© 2014 Chester Ng
Second Prize 2.
      Juror's Comment

      From Oliver Klink:

      "Incandescence reveals the intersecting world of the painterly and photographic world. Symbols such as The Dance from Matisse and the famous Running White Deer by Jean Paul Caponigro give you the sense of a well executed and thought out image."

    • Title: Incandescence
    • Artist: Chester Ng
    • From: Monterey, CA USA


    Artist Statement

    "Motion can create subtle gestures that are not immediately apparent to the unaided eye. These gestures are imperceptible in real-time because the mind can't easily isolate and frame a start and an end point with continuous motion. But the cumulative effects of a long exposure can unlock these hidden gestures. My goal here was to make the invisible visible by capturing and unveiling the light and the abstract gestures concealed within the motion. Imagery that would have otherwise gone unnoticed is now revealed."