Boardwalk by Donna Eck
© 2014 Donna Eck
Honorable Mention 3.
      Juror's Comment

      From Scott Atkinson:

      "This seems to me the perfect slice of summer, with a wonderful 'snapshot' look of something fluidly seen and fleetingly captured. I love how the frame shows just enough at top left and bottom right to sketch the scene and imply an oh-so-brief, but moving, alignment. The color suggests a hand-painted or even posterized print that’s crinkled and starting to bleed and blur around the edges. Or maybe it’s what summer memories might look like when they’re on old square Polaroids whose dyes are slowly melting away."

    • Title: Boardwalk
    • Artist: Donna Eck
    • From: San Jose, CA USA

    • e-mail:

    Artist Statement

    "Rather than a phone that can take pictures, I think of my iPhone as a camera that can make phone calls. I have enjoyed taking photos since I was a kid. And during this time developed a somewhat regimented process and style and favorite subject matter to shoot. I often wanted the scene to be perfect before I would take the picture. The iPhone has opened up a whole new world of photography for me. I now shoot with much more freedom and forgiveness, more spur of the moment. For example this scene at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Sitting, waiting for a rider, watching the feet go up and down. Scenes I wouldn't have thought of shooting with my Nikon have created favorite images when shot with my iPhone, my newest camera that can make phone calls."