Oasis by Nicholas Fullagar
© 2013 Nicholas Fullagar
      Juror's Comment

      From Crista Dix:

      "Out of context, Oasis becomes a study in abstraction, in organic line and form. It is this inherent ambiguity that makes the image interesting, the idea that a photograph doesn’t always have to look like a photograph. This work exemplifies ideas, not specific content. While our brains have been trained to understand the nature of fireworks, and the shape and form, this image can become so much more, Space Needle, Agapanthus flower or pom pom on a stick. It is this kind of creativity that sparks visual engagement."

    • Title: Oasis
    • Artist: Nicholas Fullagar
    • From: Belmont, CA USA

    • e-mail: nfullagar@yahoo.com

    Artist Statement

    Initial contact : curious rapture : angle of incidence
    Experimental series : archival print : matte paper
    ISO 100 : hand-held : 56mm : 10 seconds : f/8

    "I have been obsessing about photography since 2000. While my primary focus lies in landscape, cityscape and still life, I also enjoy experimental, abstract and alternative process. The images Oasis and Jellyfish were taken on the same day - the 4th of July celebration at Pillar Point Harbor, CA."