Slow Dancing by Anil Rao
© 2013 Anil Rao

    • Title: Slow Dancing
    • Artist: Anil Rao
    • From: San Jose, CA USA

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    Artist Statement

    "The late afternoon light was mischievously flirting with the odd-shaped formations at Coyote Buttes South, a remote section of the Paria Plateau in northern Arizona. Bouncing off steep canyon walls it bathed the valley floor with warmth on that cold October day. In turn, the sandstone seemed grateful for all the attention showered upon it and glowed unabashedly in the brightest manner possible. From my vantage point atop a nearby mesa, I studied their collaborative performance for several hours in awe and delight, realizing that it is a privilege to witness such special moments when rock and light coincide in a sublime dance of form, color and texture."