Aspen Leaves and Snow by Vidya Narasimhan
© 2013 Vidya Narasimhan

    • Title: Aspen Leaves and Snow
    • Artist: Vidya Narasimhan
    • From: Santa Clara, CA USA

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    Artist Statement

    "Photography is a vehicle to express my inner most sense of connection and spirituality to our majestic landscapes. Being a romantic at heart, I scour places, not with the mere intention of recording iconic landmarks, but in pursuit of providing an emotional link to these lands. This has led to an unending quest of not just the right light, but also the right conditions to provide a window into my feelings. I look to photograph the beauty in nature's purest elements.

    "The image, Aspen Leaves and Snow, was made during the first snowfall of the season. In addition to being drawn to the simplistic color palette, what drew me was how delicate the aspen leaves looked. The scene reminded me of orange lollipops! The intimate scene showed the transition of seasons - fall to winter. Sure enough, the leaves fell due to the weight of the snow and the scene looked very different when I returned the next day to photograph them again, proving once again that moments in nature are fleeting.

    "Gear used : Nikon D3, Nikkor 70-200mm F2.8 lens, Gitzo 2351 tripod with RRS BH40 ballhead."