Green and Blue by Samuel Feron
© 2013 Samuel Feron
      Juror's Comment

      From Tom Till:

      "This picture reminded me of the beginning of the movie Prometheus, where they use the Iceland landscape as a stand in for primeval Earth. It's always great when the image can tell a little story, even though it's more fine art to me than journalism. I feel this wonderful print accomplished this well, and I encourage the photographer to keep up the great work."

    • Title: Green and Blue
    • Artist: Samuel Feron
    • From: Noisy le Sec, France

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    Artist Statement

    "This picture has been taken from a little plane over glacial rivers in the Highlands (Iceland). I asked the pilot to make a lot of circles above the area until it was possible to get an interesting view of the water combined with the green moss on the hills. Circles have to be extremely tight in order to get like a vertical view.

    "I was interested in the contrast between the green and the blue, as well as the shapes of the rivers and the moss."