Blue Icecave by Lucy Kiang
© 2013 Lucy Kiang
      Juror's Comment

      From Tom Till:

      "I picked this image for the show. Being a professional landscape photographer, I know the danger and difficulty of even finding a cave like this. Logistics aside, all the lighting problems inherent in a subject like this were solved, and there are even some great things happening outside the cave. It's just a great image. Congratulations to the photographer!"

    • Title: Blue Icecave
    • Artist: Lucy Kiang
    • From: Pleasanton, CA USA

    • e-mail:

    Artist Statement

    "Getting into an ice cave at the edge of a glacier was an exciting adventure for me. From inside I witnessed the spectacular jewel-like blue ice formation everywhere, with water dripping from the roof, a small water-flowing stream on the floor, and icebergs of various sizes scattered. Looking outside, the warm sunset color contrasted the coldness inside. This image was my attempt to capture the ever-changing moment and the beauty."

    HDR technique was used in post processing.
    Canon 60D, 10-22mm, f/14, ISO 100