Contemplation by Lon Casler Bixby
© 2013 Lon Casler Bixby

    • Title: Contemplation
    • Artist: Lon Casler Bixby
    • From: Burbank, CA USA

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    • Phone: + 1 (818) 445-7117
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    Artist Statement

    "Contemplation came about when I met Alisa while she was working at the local movie rental store. I stepped up to the counter and the first thing I noticed was her beautiful eyes, of which I complimented. I let her know I was a photographer and that I would love to photograph her. She thanked me, and then informed me that we lived in the same apartment complex. Wow, small world. She then asked if I was serious because she always wanted to try modeling. A few days later we were shooting; the make-up artist did a great job, Alisa was a dream to work with, and everything came together perfectly to capture the beautiful images I had imagined."