Blueview 4 by Brad Forsythe
© 2013 Brad Forsythe

    • Title: Blueview 4
    • Artist: Brad Forsythe
    • From: Haiku, HI USA

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    • Address: 4369 Opana Place
      Haiku, HI 96708, USA

    Artist Statement

    "As an artist I strive to replicate what nature so effortlessly creates. Exploring the movement of sky, sea and landscape in distant spaces between the viewer and the view. While shape and color are always present, the speed of life can easily turn one’s view into a polychromatic blur. Images grounded in reality yet fleeting. Constantly moving just beyond one’s grasp you are embraced by nature’s beauty.

    "Inspired by the passing cloud formations carried by the trade winds of Hawai’i……allowing gliding pathways through the imagery of time, space and motion."