Convolution by Anil Rao
© 2013 Anil Rao
      Juror's Comment

      From Tom Till:

      "This image is a perfect example of a great intimate landscape. I picked the image for the show, and love the abstract rendering of a natural scene. If you're familiar with the work of Eliot Porter, this is kind of image he was famous for. I love getting an image like this myself. I figure if I depict a natural scene in a totally straight manner as you have done, and people are puzzled as to what the subject really is, then I have succeeded. Congratulations to the photographer on finding and creating a great photo and print of this subject."

    • Title: Convolution
    • Artist: Anil Rao
    • From: San Jose, CA USA

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    Artist Statement

    "Unlike painting, where one starts with a blank canvas, photography is a subtractive process. An existing scene is typically distilled by applying a series of reduction techniques, until the intended composition is derived. During a hike in the John Muir Wilderness several summers ago, I was exposed to the rugged beauty of the High Sierra. After wandering for nine long hours through pristine mountain landscape, comprised of snow-covered peaks, lush meadows and crystal clear alpine lakes, I finally photographed Convolution, which in many ways captures the essence of my trek. The experience has reaffirmed my belief that despite the objective and mechanical nature of the medium, the selection process works in mysterious ways, often relying on unconscious thought. Every time I head outdoors with my camera I know very little about what I will see and less yet of what I might photograph."