Tango Series: Jamie's Sexy Ankle by ALXSw
© 2013 ALXSw
      Juror's Comment

      From Kim Komenich:

      "This sensual image leverages action, emotion and symbolism to convey the 'Idea' and the poetry of Tango.

      "Evokes the work of Otto Umbehr 'Umbo' from nearly a century ago."

    • Title: Tango Series: Jamie's Sexy Ankle
    • Artist: ALXSw
    • From: Eugene, OR USA

    • e-mail: a@alxsw.com
    • Website: www.alxsw.com
    • Other: http://alxswnews.wordpress.com/

    Artist Statement

    "Jamie’s Sexy Ankle is one of my favorite stills from a series taken at a Tango class. Maestro Earl gave his permission to photograph with the advice, 'Focus on the feet!'. I was introduced to the dancers, the lights went down, and the strange yellow lighting of the rented ballroom provided immediate high contrast imagery. This print is minimally edited: I removed the yellow hue using photoshop's image>adjust>selective color) for an immediate b/w high contrast image, my fav. Specs: Nikon D700, 300dpi, AF with some obscure menu adjustments on the fly, sorry, forgot details as I was in 'the zone'. Sometimes after a series I wonder if it really happened but the images prove it ...did!

    "ALXSw is my tradename. I am a painter and photographer and a freelance creative in graphics, writing, and information design. I studied fine art and science at several universities, completing my 2 master’s studies at NAU, AZ and U of MT."