Precipice Lake by John Dotta
© 2013 John Dotta
      Juror's Comment

      From Tom Till:

      "I picked this image for the show. Reflections are a huge part of my work as a landscape photographer, and I love what was done here. It reminds me of the Adams image, but it's completely different. I also know that it's a long hike to get in there. I appreciate the work that goes into an image like this--the sweat equity, and I appreciate seeing a new take on a famous photo locale. I understand how hard this was and I congratulate the photographer for hard work and originality."

    • Title: Precipice Lake
    • Artist: John Dotta
    • From: Santa Rosa, CA USA

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    Artist Statement

    "Wild land nourishes the human experience in many ways. It provides a respite from the stresses of daily living, an opportunity for recreation, a place for spiritual meditation. Many ecosystems may still be considered 'wild' as long as natural processes are free from human interference. Thus Wilderness can be areas which had, or have had, human presence. It's not only preserving tracts of land designated as 'wilderness' that is important, but recognizing the importance of saving 'wilderness.'

    "All the images in the body of work, Rock and Water, including the image you see here, Precipice Lake, were created in areas of California and the Western Highlands of Scotland. The images from the High Sierras were made along hiking trails designated wilderness, whereas the images from the Western Highlands were made much closer to the road. But both embody wilderness"