One Day by Yuichi Nishihata
© 2013 Yuichi Nishihata
      Juror's Comment

      From Crista Dix:

      "The green of the image belies the chaos that created the work. This multiple exposure image is more emotional than physical. Intended to evoke a feeling, this photograph is driven by ideas, impression. It is quicksand, not cement. Discernible bits of focus, and much reflection fill this with our ideas, our own memories. We can participate in the image, not be an outside observer."

    • Title: One Day
    • Artist: Yuichi Nishihata
    • From: Berlin, Berlin Germany

    • e-mail:
    • Phone: + 49 (17) 36768170
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    Artist Statement

    "This image is from my on-going project 'Destruction of Digital images and Creation of Eternity'. This is my way of recording memory, looking at how the digital image is a collective body of color and not a handheld object that can be left behind. Art works of these series consist of 30~100 images based on a each theme.

    "One Day consists of about 50 single photos which were taken when I traveled around Lubbenau, Germany."