Okefeenokee, GA by Laird
© 2013 Laird

    • Title: Okefeenokee, GA
    • Artist: Laird
    • From: Ponte Vedra Beach, FL USA

    • Website: www.lairdvue.com

    Artist Statement

    "The intention of this series is to show the viewer more than a one-shot solution, more than what an image first seems to be. A constant search for a hidden meaning is inherent to m!) work and has led me to the use of unique and unpredictable processes such as infrared photograph!) and to formal decisions such as the mirroring of images.

    "The cphace images depict natural phenomena such as Alaskan glaciers & rain forests, Victory gardens in Boston, Treaty Oak tree, Okefenokee swamps, Costa Rican rainforests, South Carolina plantation & gardens, South Florida gardens, everglades swamps, Ke'y West gardens to the Bahama Islands reefs,mud flats & coral landscapes.

    "The lush nature is shot with a converted camera that records infrared waves of the electromagnetic light spectrum that are invisible to the naked eye. The images are then cropped, flopped & merged to create a new original image, and then enhanced with colour variations.

    "The result is a symmetrical image of organic forms that creates a myriad of faces within its central axis. Within each image 1 nature becomes less complex in colour but much more complex in its shapes textures & lines. Different faces reveal themselves both quickly & slowly, some are seen from faraway & others only when viewed at close range. Inviting the viewer to explore & discover new sights with each visit."