In The Clouds by Edward Nunez
© 2013 Edward Nunez

  • Artist Statement

    "Yosemite never disappoints!

    "With my niece in town, I decided to drive with her back and forth the same day just to show her our natural jewel. Of course, web cams show clear skies, and for her it was a nice opportunity to see the park with nice sky (for non-photographers).

    "Well, 20 minutes to the park everything cleared. So we were able to roam around for a bit with clear skies, and take the standard tourist pictures. We decided to eat some snacks in the car, and talk... we spent maybe 45 minutes... when we got back in track, conditions had changed. The valley was getting foggy, and high fog and clouds started to make an entrance to the park. We were fortunate to enjoy both clear and cloudy/foggy weather in the park."