Judea Cora by Cesar Rodriguez
© 2013 Cesar Rodriguez
Second Prize 1.
      Juror's Comment

      From Kim Komenich:

      "The moment is genuine. The photographer's touch is light, almost imperceptible.

      "The moment is a picture 'between' pictures, an off-moment, slightly off balance, that conveys the celebration in a raw honest way.

      "The eye is grounded through five or six secondary groups, each of which accumulate in the mind to give an impression of this hot noisy day."

    • Title: Judea Cora
    • Artist: Cesar Rodriguez
    • From: Tepic, Nayarit Mexico

    • e-mail: woingfat@gmail.com

    Artist Statement

    "The 'Coras' are a native Mexican group in Nayarit, one of the last ones to be conquered by the Spanish Conquistadors. In fact they where not conquered by force but by religion. This produced a very interesting mixture of traditions and celebrations. The Photo was taken in Santa Teresa, a remote village on the Sierra del Nayar, the Coras are celebrating the Holy week but with their point of view. It is a synergy of many things, the main theme is catholic, but you can see the traditional body paint and handmade bags and finally the globalization that you can see it on their sun glasses."