2012 - Through A Lens: Vibrant!

About the Preliminary Jurors
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Bruce Finocchio

A wildlife and nature photographer, Bruce Finocchio's philosophy is:
"I love the earth! No moment is the same. Each moment is uniquely different. The natural world captures my spirit and my love. My goal is to show the inherent beauty within all life and make that beauty 'sing' out in each image I make."

From May to November, Bruce specializes in the wild life that visits ponds on his Monterey County ranch, utilizing blinds, to capture the animals that visit in search of water during the dry season. He also offers workshops photographing in this unique environment, sharing his techniques for close-up bird photography.

Bruce's photographs have been published multiple times in the prestigious Expression Publication, sponsored by the Northern American Nature Photographer Association. His other publications include California Wild Magazine and Bay Nature Magazine.

Bruce's website: www.dreamcatcherimages.net
Bruce's photography blog address is: www.brucefinocchio.wordpress.com

A direct link to the Bay Nature Fox Cover is: baynature.org/articles/web-only-articles/july-bay-nature-preview

Ed Grant

Ed Grant & his camera, recently a Nikon D300, have traveled together for almost 4 decades, about the same amount of time he spent as a high school classroom teacher. Since retiring in 2002, he has photographed Half Moon Bay's famous big wave surf break called Mavericks, capturing images of the men & women who surf the monster wave. Recently, a pictorial he shot of legendary big wave surfer, Jeff Clark, shaping a big wave gun, was featured in a window display at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Grant's skills as a photographer have landed him magazine cover shots & features in books, publications & television broadcasts as well as the Editor's Choice of a Nikon Photo Contest.

Ed is also the creator and curator of the annual Half Moon Bay photo show "Mavericks: Everest of the Seas"

You can find out more about Ed at: www.coastalartsleague.com/artists/EdGrant/edgrant.htm

Michael Eichwald

Michael Eichwald is an award winning photographer in Redding, northern California. While living in Europe as a young student he was exposed to the professional photography of an uncle; a second uncle was active in the academic study of art and visual perception. From this exposure came a continuing interest in visual aesthetics.

For many years his film photography took a back seat to the practice of dermatology. With retirement, however, he was able once again to pursue his interest in what makes one image art and another simple craft, as well as to actively support the local appreciation of photography as an art form.

His primary motivation is to celebrate photographically the fortuitous beauty of our everyday surroundings and experiences — now digitally, for the most part. He is strongly influenced by the traditional Japanese appreciation of the subdued, the weathered, the essence of the thing — and by what is humbly transient on our earth.

Robert Jones

Robert Jones is a San Francisco photographer whose primary interest is landscape and abstraction of landscape. He has photographed extensively in the greater Bay Area and in the Southwest.  He has studied with noted photgraphers Fred Picker, Oliver Gagliani, John Sexton, Bruce Barnbaum and Jay Dusard among others.  He has had several one and two person shows in Bay Area galleries and is affiliated with the Zone III Photographic Society.

Robert is a long time friend of the show. He has been a volunteer with the show since its beginning in 2004.

You can find out more about Robert at:

Craig Lee

A veteran photojournalist, Craig Lee's professional career began in 1979, working part-time for the Mountain Democrat in Placerville, California. In 1983, after completing his BA degree in Photojournalism from San Jose State University, Craig was hired as a photographer for the San Francisco Examiner, at the time, one of two major dailies serving the city. He photographed events surrounding the Democratic National Convention, the 49ers during the Bill Walsh/Joe Montaina era, and Dianne Feinstein, then Mayor of San Francisco. During his over 25 years with the paper, he has been recognized by the National Press Photographers Association, Pictures of the Year, as well locally in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In 2000, the Examiner and the San Francisco Chronicle merged. Under the Chronicle banner, Craig focused his efforts on the Food and Wine section, helping the Chronicle to win 3 James Beard Awards for Best Food and Wine section of a major newspaper in the United States. In April of 2009, Craig left the paper to freelance. Craig's current work can be seen at: www.craigleephoto.com


Mike Collette

Michael Collette invented the large format digital scanning back and founded Better Light in 1992 to develop and manufacture these unique image capture devices. Mike enjoys the challenge and reward of using a 4x5 field camera with a scanning back for landscape photography, from sweeping panoramas to intimate portraits of natural subjects. His large prints attempt to recreate not only the detail and color of the scene, but also the emotional impact that caused him to set up the camera in the first place.

Learn more about Mike and his photography at: www.betterlight.com/gallery