• About the juror

    A wildlife and nature photographer, Bruce Finocchio's philosophy is:
    "I love the earth! No moment is the same. Each moment is uniquely different. The natural world captures my spirit and my love. My goal is to show the inherent beauty within all life and make that beauty 'sing' out in each image I make."

    From May to November, Bruce specializes in the wild life that visits ponds on his Monterey County ranch, utilizing blinds, to capture the animals that visit in search of water during the dry season. He also offers workshops photographing in this unique environment, sharing his techniques for close-up bird photography.

    Bruce's photographs have been published multiple times in the prestigious Expression Publication, sponsored by the Northern American Nature Photographer Association. His other publications include California Wild Magazine and Bay Nature Magazine.

    A direct link to the Bay Nature Fox Cover seen above: baynature.org/articles/web-only-articles/july-bay-nature-preview