Forgotten by Paula Burgoon
© 2012 Paula Burgoon

    • Title: Forgotten
    • Artist: Paula Burgoon
    • From: Lemoore, CA USA

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    • Phone: + 1 (559) 9043141
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    Artist Statement

    the ‘Sky Ride’
    canstatter fruehlingsfest
    stuttgart, germany
    may 2010
    my husband and my son rode
    i waited at the bottom
    i prefer not to defy gravity’s pull.
    i also don’t care to go around in circles.
    instead i stand at the center
    and create beauty from what is around me.
    sometimes it makes me feel forgotten
    to stand alone at the bottom
    watching everyone have fun
    but the vibrance that i create
    makes the fun that i miss

    this image was created from a digital photograph and transfered to canvas with acryllic gel medium