Gladiola by Pam Borrelli
© 2012 Pam Borrelli

    • Title: Gladiola
    • Artist: Pam Borrelli
    • From: San Francisco, CA USA

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    • Phone: + 1 (415) 6522363
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    Artist Statement

    "My photography focuses on the interplay between reality and imagination. My goal is to capture a glimpse of that which surrounds us but which we often only vaguely sense and do not clearly see.

    "Of the various subjects I am drawn to, Iā€™m especially aware of an essence in flora, finding both a unique materiality and an underlying universal presence. The cycle of seed to blossom to bloom to seed again is a profound metaphor of the powers that impel all life. To capture a moment in the life of a flower is to reveal a hidden reality, an image that evokes recognition of the ethereal in the natural.

    "This Gladiola had been blooming in my garden for years, and I captured many different images of her as several 4ā€™-5ā€™ stalks would slowly rise then burst into flower; this is my last photograph of her before a fatal plant disease ended her reign."

    Nikon 105mm macro @ F / 22