She Is The Light by Roberta Murray
© 2012 Roberta Murray

    • Title: She Is The Light
    • Artist: Roberta Murray
    • From: Rocky Mtn House, Alberta Canada

    • Website:
    • Address: Box 8, Site 3, RR 2
      Rocky Mtn House, Alberta T4T 2A2, Canada

    Artist Statement

    "The prairies are a source of freedom for me. I live in the forest, which despite its great beauty has a confining feeling for me. A visit to the prairies is like shedding a huge weight and coming out of the dark. My spirit feels free to soar. The prairies are a great source of power and renewal for me, which is what I wanted to portray in this image taken during a photography tour with some girlfriends last fall.

    "I am using some of the theories and techniques from the historical Pictorialist movement such as intentional motion, depth, multiple exposures, and texture with digital technology to create a painterly type of image. It is with a combination of traditional techniques, historical ideas and contemporary tools that I approach photography, using the camera more as a paintbrush than a mechanical device."