Anna's Dizzy Whizzy by Andrew Davoll
© 2012 Andrew Davoll
      Juror's Comment

      From Scott Atkinson:

      "What’s more vibrant than a daughter’s smile while she’s whirled through space by her father’s strong arms? There’s a great mix of blur and focus here. The green grass paints wonderful arcing streaks of background blur. In contrast, both girl and camera (with father attached) are whirling together, so she’s relatively sharp. And sharpest of all? That beaming grin at top center. What a cool 'moment in time!'"

    • Title: Anna's Dizzy Whizzy
    • Artist: Andrew Davoll
    • From: Hereford, Herefordshire UK

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    Artist Statement

    "Over the years each of my four children had loved playing dizzy-whizzies but I had never thought to photograph it. My daughter reluctantly agreed to let me try. She only allowed allowed me six exposures before she became embarrassed and stopped the shoot. I attached camera to my bike helmet, which I wore, and pre-set the camera to fire on delay release. A bit hit and miss but managed this lovely picture."