El Capitan del Frio by Chris Schiller
© 2012 Chris Schiller

    • Title: El Capitan del Frio
    • Artist: Chris Schiller
    • From: Redding, CA USA

    • e-mail: rhellics@gmail.com
    • Phone: + 1 (530) 2777836
    • Website: www.schillerimages.com

    Artist Statement

    "El Capitan is a frequently photographed icon in a national park which is synonymous in many people's minds with black and white landscape photography. As a photographic artist, I generally make it a practice to avoid repeating the images that others have made popular. I am interested in creating rather than recreating, although I also have an interest in finding new ways to see well-photographed subjects.

    "This image of El Capitan falls into the latter category. The elements are familiar: the monolith, the Merced River, the snow, the sky and the trees. However, what drew me to make this image was a vividness, a balance of elements, and an interplay between them. My goal was to make it about more than the stone face of El Capitan, and to invite exploration and discovery."