Carol - Burns Survivor by Brian Cassey
© 2012 Brian Cassey
      Juror's Comment

      From Kate Jordahl:

      "Difficult to look at, but as the eyes are the windows to the soul, we see a soul strong and loving, sad and knowing. We are drawn into the tragedy and triumph of this women’s life. The photographer truly connected with Carol and allows us to see her with empathy and understanding."

      From Scott Atkinson:

      "At first I looked away from this print, but it’s impossible to escape the spirit in those eyes! The face, like a windswept landscape, is now burnished to a swirling patina by both time and the camera’s selective focus. The slightly smudged lipstick adds a touch of normal. But it’s those eyes, those sharply focused blue eyes, that show the vibrant world that lives behind the skin. They’ll follow you throughout the gallery."

      From Michael Collopy:

      "The deep blue calm of her eyes accented by her red lips provides the viewer a direct connection to her apparent triumph over tragedy that is written in her textured face. Her eyes follow you throughout the room. This is a visually arresting photograph that is beautifully and simply achieved. It has a profound result. I liked the fact the photographer chose natural light to illuminate this beautiful portrait. It is a tight crop that continues the honest, revealing and direct dialogue between the photographer and subject. The stunning result conveys the trust and connection that the photographer has achieved."

  • Artist Statement

    "Carol Mayer was horrifically burnt in a tragic house fire in Australia as a young mother. She suffered burns to 90 percent of her body and her family were told she would not survive. Against all odds she did survive and ten years on I made this portrait for a feature in Carols home - lit gently with the light though a window. I feel It portrays Carols dignity, remarkable bravery and vibrant character."

    Nikon D3S, Nikkor 28-300, F5.6 - 1/30th