Portrait of Ben. Singer. by Daniel Ross
© 2012 Daniel Ross

    • Title: Portrait of Ben. Singer.
    • Artist: Daniel Ross
    • From: Harrogate, North Yorkshire UK

    • e-mail: dan.rossphoto@yahoo.com
    • Website: www.dan-ross.com
    • Other: www.danielrossphoto.posterous.com
    • Address: Green Lane House, South Stainley
      Harrogate, North Yorkshire HG3 3LS, UK

    Artist Statement

    "As a portrait photographer I aim to use my technical abilities to sharpen someones character within an image. I see a portrait as a building, with the subject as its foundations, and my photographic approach the materials to create a constructed image.

    "In short, my greatest pleasure is to isolate my subject within a studio, and build upon what they give me simply by being themselves.

    "This particular image is taken from a commission for a band. They wanted to show that they were excited about what they do, and to appear as themselves.

    "They mentioned they loved food fights and making mess..... why not?"

    Camera : Phase One / Mamiya - P25+
    Focal Length : 80mm
    Aperture : F:8
    Shutter Speed : 1/4