Intense Search by Haydee Yordan
© 2012 Haydee Yordan

    • Title: Intense Search
    • Artist: Haydee Yordan
    • From: San Juan, Puerto Rico USA

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    • Phone: + 1 (787) 397-4812
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    Artist Statement

    Intense Search is an original abstract macro photographic image of details of an Old San Juan weathered wall printed in canvas with pigmented ink. The artist, Haydee Yordan, explores the effects of the passing of time. Mud, stagnant water and weathered walls are markedly present in her focus. She is convinced that 'if you let it be, the passing of time seems to embellish everything'. Walls are no exception; she seeks and rummages in old walls for designs painted by the rain and sun, as if exploring an intimate communication between time and nature.

    This artwork represent an excellent example of 'abstract-conceptual-documental' photography capturing nature’s art… eco-art.