Vortex by Tiffanie Ragasa
© 2012 Tiffanie Ragasa

    • Title: Vortex
    • Artist: Tiffanie Ragasa
    • From: San Francisco, CA USA

    • e-mail: tiffanie@bokehmonster.com
    • Website: bokehmonster.com

    Artist Statement

    "I find myself deeply drawn to an invisible world. The secret place that surrounds us, yet remains slightly beyond our feeble human ability to comprehend without outside assistance. To reveal this world's elegant mystery I use a Pentax K7 that has been modified for full-spectrum photography. This Aloe Polyphylla was shot with a Voigtlander Ultron 40mm f/2 SL II lens and B+W 090 red filter. He currently resides in the San Francisco Botanical Garden."