Turbulence by Steven Dalleske
© 2012 Steven Dalleske

    • Title: Turbulence
    • Artist: Steven Dalleske
    • From: El Granada, CA USA

    • e-mail: stevidx@yahoo.com
    • Phone: + State (650) 483-5187
    • Website: stevidx.com
    • Address: 518 ave alhambra #8
      El Granada, CA 94018, USA

    Artist Statement

    "Living next to the ocean makes me feel connected to the Earth. From my porch I watch the tides and swells come and go. I see the beach sands build and wash away. It is constantly in motion and never once the same, an old friend you never tire of. My photography strives to capture and share unique fleeting moments that would ha been lost to all, but my eyes had I not been ready camera in hand."

    Cannon 7d, Lee ND and Graduated ND Filter
    f/16, 1/4 sec, iso 100