Waterline 6 by Tina Carter
© 2012 Tina Carter

    • Title: Waterline 6
    • Artist: Tina Carter
    • From: Shoreline, WA USA

    • Phone: + 1 (206) 250-4477
    • Website: www.tina-carter.com
    • Other: tina@tina-carter.com

    Artist Statement

    "I grew up with Narragansett Bay in my back yard. Since then, I veer toward water; the ocean my ultimate target. Nothing feels small when I stand before the ocean, every thing is a part of every thing else.

    "Color was my first discovery in photography. Now when I see the ocean and how it speaks to the land, I see it in vivid color; the ocean washes color into my world.

    "I live in Washington State, where the ocean, sky, and shore are raw and wild. I visit the beaches in California to get their perspective, but no beaches match the unrestrained, unrefined passion of the Pacific Northwest coast."