Wild Horses at El Capitan by Bev Pettit
© 2012 Bev Pettit

    • Title: Wild Horses at El Capitan
    • Artist: Bev Pettit
    • From: Skull Valley, AZ USA

    • e-mail: bev@bevpettit.com
    • Website: www.bevpettit.com

    Artist Statement

    "Though primarily an equine photographer, I very much enjoy sharing the beauty of the many wondrous landscapes of Arizona through my images. This picture was taken in Monument Valley on the Navajo Reservation. It shows a herd of horses dwarfed by the monumental El Capitan (Agathla Peak), a centuries-old volcanic plug reaching more than 1500 feet up into the sky.

    "The scene depicts how I feel whenever I am blessed enough to visit this magical country: alive and vibrant! To me, the image portrays all that is beautiful and still immune from the chaos of commercialism and 'modern-day progress' in and around our cities today. The wild horses running freely, the ancient monument and the expansive views combine to illustrate a rare place in our fast-paced world where one can still 'breathe'."