Enchanted Forest by Charlotte Bryson
© 2012 Charlotte Bryson

    • Title: Enchanted Forest
    • Artist: Charlotte Bryson
    • From: Redding, CA USA

    • e-mail: brysonsphoto@att.net

    Artist Statement

    "The inspiration for this image came from an accidental viewing of an early Picasso. Time Magazine did a story on Gertrude Stein and featured pictures from some of her collection. The Picasso featured trees that had disproportionately large trunks and leaves. I loved it and thought it would be fun to use the tree and leaf idea in something of my own. The other influence came from Matisse. I like the way he uses color--faces are sometimes green for example. So the blue leaves and plants are thanks to him. The image is mainly about color and shape. As the image evolved, I realized that it looked like a very happy and enchanted place."