Floating Areolas by Alison Watt Jackson
© 2012 Alison Watt Jackson
Third Prize 6.
      Juror's Comment

      From Michael Collopy:

      "Indeed a magical and beautifully captured fine art image. The woman evokes a relaxed and sweeping dance on a stage full of blue water accented in apple red."

    • Title: Floating Areolas
    • Artist: Alison Watt Jackson
    • From: Shell Beach, CA USA

    • e-mail: ahwatt1@sbcglobal.net
    • Phone: + 1 (805) 268 0907
    • Website: www.alisonwattjackson.com

    Artist Statement

    "As a woman, an intuitive, and practitioner of the healing arts, it is a natural progression for my camera to become an extension of my mind, body and soul. I reach out to women with my lens and they reach back, one Goddess to another. This is when the magic happens and the worries of the world are left behind.

    "Floating Aureolas is a metaphor for Eve’s rebirth, and taking back the Garden of Eden. Eve now born again, has been restored by healing crystal waters and is adorned with vibrant red apples which symbolize the bounty of life. This image lay steeping in my mind for over a year before it finally came to fruition."