Buffalo Race by Chan Kwok Hung
© 2012 Chan Kwok Hung
Third Prize 2.
      Juror's Comment

      From Scott Atkinson:

      "Vibrance is more than color! This still photo screams with motion: the exploding spray, the shouting jockey, his tensed torso, and the massive pounding of the buffalo. I love the skewed horizon, too—it seems like all that energy has thrown the earth off-kilter. It’s all held in place by the camera’s lightning-fast shutter."

    • Title: Buffalo Race
    • Artist: Chan Kwok Hung
    • From: Hong Kong, Hong Kong

    • e-mail: garyhk@gmail.com
    • Website: chankwokhung.com

    Artist Statement

    "This photo was taken in West Sumatra of Indonesia, Farmers hold the race in the rice fields, usually before the farming season. They believe it is lucky if their buffalo wins the race. The event is a celebration for the rice farmers in the farming community. The jockeys ride a pair of buffalo while holding their tails and will bite the buffalo’s tail if they want it to run faster!"