Air & Water No.6 by Marc Ward
© 2012 Marc Ward
      Juror's Comment

      From Michael Collopy:

      "This is a wonderful fine art abstract sunset that is beautifully presented!"

    • Title: Air & Water No.6
    • Artist: Marc Ward
    • From: Dandridge, TN USA

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    • Phone: + 1 (865) 3972914
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    Artist Statement

    "I was born and reared in Florida... a land of big skies and lots of water. I’ve always been fascinated by one of the greatest visual paradoxes that exists. How is the edge of a planetary sphere presented and perceived as a straight line? The horizon has always been a source of wonder and mystery for me. Who among us has not had a life-changing thought while staring at this incredibly straight line?...
    It is a defining feature of our existence on this ball of water, rock, and dirt.

    "These images are not 'real'... only the horizon is real. It is a boundary,... a separation between air and water. A separation between our earthly realm and all that is above us. I shoot images of air and I shoot images of water. But, not at the same time. I choose my water, and then I choose my air. I place them together and then choose the placement of the horizon. The one thing I can’t choose is the nature of the horizon. It’s a straight line."