Light thru Blinds by Marvin Wax
© 2012 Marvin Wax
Second Prize 1.
      Juror's Comment

      From Scott Atkinson:

      "Want to see the world? Start at home! Built from light, this grid blends bold, architectural verticals with elusive, almost endless hues of both warm morning sunlight and cool dawn sky. And what’s outside (or inside?), beyond that softly glowing central square? A new world? Beautifully seen and printed, this image shows that there’s a fleeting vibrance in even the simplest surroundings."

      From Kate Jordahl:

      "Dignity, design and serendipity come together in this image. At first look, we could think that this is a construction, but instead we are given the treat of the found and captured gem carefully realized."

    • Title: Light thru Blinds
    • Artist: Marvin Wax
    • From: Palo Alto, CA USA

    • e-mail:
    • Phone: + 1 (650) 494 6776
    • Address: 2657 Greer Road
      Palo Alto, CA 94303, USA

    Artist Statement

    "There is a common presumption that a photographer in search for that magical wondrous image must travel to distant places. Contrary to that presumption I believe that a meaningful photograph can be taken within your immediate environment. Not unlike distant places your home and its surroundings offers the opportunity to observe the ever changing light as it falls each day throughout the year.

    "In my bedroom is a window that has vertical hanging blinds to control the incoming light. I observed the morning summer sun for weeks as it peeped its way around and thru the blinds. At a specific early morning hour there was a special vibrant light on the blinds that beckoned to be photographed. I positioned my tripod and camera one evening in preparation for the following morning. My days of patient observation and study gave me the confidence and assurance to proceed the follow morning and click the shutter just after sunrise.

    "I was joyfully rewarded with the results and the making of the print was even more gratifying. The resulting photograph enabled me and perhaps others to view Light thru Blinds with delight for an indefinite period of time."