Self-Portrait by Laurie Naiman
© 2012 Laurie Naiman
      Juror's Comment

      From Michael Collopy:

      "A wonderful self portrait revealing deep dignity and grace!"

    • Title: Self-Portrait
    • Artist: Laurie Naiman
    • From: Palo Alto, CA USA

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    Artist Statement

    "Inspired by some stunning studio portraits done by a friend and colleague I decided to set up a studio in a small guest room in our home. Using bare-bones lighting equipment (wireless speedlite inside a soft-box on a stand, a reflector on another stand) and a backdrop, I was able arrange the lighting well enough to get some very satisfying portraits of friends and family members.

    "Over the recent winter holidays we had visitors, requiring me to dismantle the lighting system and revert the studio to its original function as a guest room.

    "Soon after I was anxious to resurrect the studio, but I had to figure out how to restore the original positions of the two light stands and their distances from my camera’s tripod and cable release. With no one available at the time to serve as a ‘test model’ I had to be both photographer and model, a combined role that was a real challenge. Getting the proper lighting on my old guy’s face took more tries than with other subjects. The main limiting factor was the length of the cable release – fine for a photographer standing beside the camera, but barely long enough to reach the outstretched hand of a bent-over photographer-model sitting a few feet away.

    "Bottom line, what started out as a test of my ability to function in these dual roles, ended up as a not so bad self portrait. Later, I learned that self portraits are a distinct art form among many photographers. I may pursue this further, but with a longer cable release, or a wireless one."