Parroquia de San Miguel, Easter by Ed Nazarko
© 2011 Ed Nazarko

    • Title: Parroquia de San Miguel, Easter
    • Artist: Ed Nazarko
    • From: Lebanon, NJ USA

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    Artist Statement

    "On the first night of a 10 day 'Holy Week in Central Mexico' shoot, I snuck onto the roof of my hotel in San Miguel de Allende to shoot night panoramas of the town. Somewhere between shot 17 of 40 and 18 of 40, fireworks burst over the Parroquia. It wasn't a holiday or any scheduled event, so I had no idea how much time I had. I didn't change lenses, just zoomed to the shortest focal length (70mm), guessed at framing, aperture and shutter, and began shooting. The whole display lasted for 90 seconds. (I found out later that the fireworks were for a wedding celebration.) I got off 8 shots. This shot was the "grand finale" salvo. I decided this auspicious beginning was a sign that this was going to be a great shoot, and it was. Similar good fortune followed me throughout."