Desperation 1 by John F Martin
© 2011 John F Martin

    • Title: Desperation 1
    • Artist: John F Martin
    • From: San Francisco, CA USA

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    Artist Statement

    In Character - Photographs by John F. Martin

    "I first had the opportunity to participate in the San Francisco Opera as a supernumerary in 1997 and soon developed a passion for a world I would at one time have dismissed. To be in the midst of the most exquisite music imaginable is an unparalleled experience. I witnessed the transformation that occurs when the artist puts on a costume and becomes a character. A few years later, I began a photographic project about the characters and costume of the artists in the San Francisco Opera.

    "Opera is a world of passion and beauty, of story and spectacle, using the vehicle of voice. Intricate collaborations evolve to become the production. I have observed these, while I gained the trust of those with whom I share the stage. My intent, with In Character, is to transport the character from stage to frame and realize the lyricism of the performance with the media of lens and light."